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Trump Diaries, Day 1

There were many good chants and battle cries at the Women’s March in DC yesterday, but my favorite was “We will not go away, welcome to your first day!”

This is the second day of the Donald Trump presidency. I went to the Women’s March on DC with my daughter and a friend – and hundreds of thousands of people who do not feel that this presidency and administration will represent them. Despite Trump’s acceptance speech calling himself a president for all Americans – there are obviously a large population that doesn’t believe that is true.


I am still tired and hungry from the march yesterday, and laid in my bed for a few minutes just looking around my bedroom at the things that surround me. In my space, I feel pretty unaffected by him. I looked at the book titles on my bookcase and thought, “Well, I can read whatever I want. That won’t probably change.” My clothes and make-up, laying there. My blue bottles on the windowsill, needing a dusting. The view from my tiny little bohemian apartment flanked with velvet drapes, probably will stay the same. But then I remembered I had to get up and take my medicine. I went to the doctor’s last Friday with an pretty bad throat and ear infection. I didn’t get my results back before the long holiday weekend. I ended up in the ER on Monday night, late – into Tuesday morning, with my throat closing up. I saw the wonderful folks at Anne Arundel Medical Center – who gave me steroids and antibiotics. This was one of the worst infections I have had in a while. I was able to go home, throat opening up. It got me to wondering if I will have health insurance in a year.

I am divorced. My COBRA gave out. I don’t haveĀ  job that gives me access to insurance. I registered for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Despite what some folks might believe, about “shoving and forcing” this down their throat with a penalty fine and taxes on the wealthy, and medical devices, to help all Americans be able to afford the care – what it really is is just regulations to help make the whole thing more fair for patients who are getting fleeced by health care companies. When the prices went up about a year after it was enacted – the regulations were blamed – but the CEOs of these companies are still making millions of dollars and raised the prices on patients.

What I’m trying to say here is, because of this campaign for rich people to make money off of illness and their resentment of having more regulations – they have the power now to make their own rules and millions of Americans like myself will possibly be exposed to the reality of totally losing their insurance, or it becoming affordable to them because they don’t have the right kind of job with the right kind of pay – which is what you needed four years ago in order to get insurance. Why is it that only Americans with the right jobs and right pay deserve to receive medical care?

I realized that I am supposing the things that might happen. That my apartment will pretty much stay the same. That my reading tastes would still be able to be met. That my daughters might still be able to easily access birth control. That maybe my healthcare won’t be lost. I live in Maryland, at least, I reasoned. They will think of something, won’t they? But what about everybody else? What about the red state folks who need stuff? It’s all supposing at this point. So I decided to start keeping a journal to see what parts of the Trump presidency actually affect my life and in what ways – as far as I can tell, at any rate. So this is my first entry into my Trump diaries. To keep it real. To manage expectations – and to hold this administration accountable.

Along with keeping my journey here on my little blog in my little hippy town – I will be keeping up with the folks are doing at https://www.womensmarch.com/100/ – 10 Actions in 100 Days.

We will not go away, welcome to your second day, POTUS Trump.