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He’s Poet and Ya Know It

On one of my old blogs I used to put song lyrics and quotes and poetry.  I also wrote poetry, but they were mostly very informal compositions.  My point being, that I like poetry.  So I was pretty happy last week when Will and I managed to make it out to Zu Coffee (which had FANTASTIC baked goods, BTW) where our friend and Greenbelt resident John Cooper was a featured poet for that evening’s readings.  Evidently a number of the New Deal Cafe poetry crowd was reading there as well.  I didn’t know any of the others, though one was a very funny guy.  I forget his name, but if I can figure it out I will try and point you to him in a future post.

John read a number of poems, I’m not sure how many but I’d guess it at about eight.  Of the ones I heard, three really stood out.  I found The Ring to be both a very good poem AND sexy, which is why I am sharing that one with you first.  With John’s permission, of course.

Photo by Gina Mai Denn