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It was 2002 when I first became aware of a little town called Greenbelt in Maryland.  I was living in another community at the time and had only been in Maryland for a few years so I was pretty unaware of surrounding communities.


I met a man who lived in Greenbelt and we had immediate chemistry and connection.  I began making the 45 minute trek up from where I lived to spend some time in his little apartment.  We’d swing by the New Deal Cafe and walk around the many footpaths that wind through and under Old Greenbelt.  We’d picnic by the lake and watch a movie at the theater just a block away.  He was involved in a production at Greenbelt Arts Center (GAC) and I came to watch it.  It was kind of a magical time.


This was Sputnik. He was a love and he passed just a couple of years after I met Will (my sweetheart). We were lounging in the first Greenbelt apartment we stayed in in 2002 and Will snapped a shot of us.

At the time I had also gotten my very first digital camera.  A whole 2 megapixels!  My phone camera gets better these days.  But it re-ignited a passion for photography for me.  So along the way I’ll share some of my old photos and some of my newer.  Also, some of my sweetheart’s photos too.  He’s a pretty awesome writer and photographer to boot!

A lot has happened in my life since 2002.  Happiness and heartache.  Tragedy and changes.  I’ve moved three times and now find myself in the apartment beneath the apartment he lived in when we met.  For us, it’s a bit magic here.  You wouldn’t know it to drive through the place.  The architecture reminds me a lot of the projects and government housing I grew up in.  Some people don’t find that particularly charming, but it strikes a chord in me.

Now that I’m going into my third year living here (and third place in Greenbelt) I’m feeling happy and ready to really participate in the community.  For me that means turning to the internet.  I’ve been blogging since blogs were homepages.  I’ve always found links and social networking very useful in finding the information that I want.  And it’s also a very handy way to share it too!

I want to share my adventures from what I hope will be my little pad for at least a few years to come.  I want to share the useful links and places I find.  I want to share my observations – be they good or bad – about how things are going around here.  It’s a tightly knit little community full of lots of activities.  If you ever get a chance to come by for a celebration you’ll find a lot of friendly folks.