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Real Work


I met a woman last year who needed a dog sitter.  She lived down the street and the dog is special needs and I am home during the day.  So, I took care of her special, adorable, sweet dog and in the process the woman and I became friends.  I haven’t asked her permission to use her name, so I will maybe reveal that in another post, if it’s cool with her.

We got to talking about some our issues regarding meeting goals and getting sidetracked by too many ideas.  We also discussed things like time management and negative self talk and the need to be more proactive. Then she suggested something very proactive; a “Real Work” group.  We had the first meeting in the fall last year and recently we’ve managed a couple more.  We’ve decided to try and make it a weekly thing.

The idea behind the group is for folks like us, who need to set goals and find ways to measure the goals in terms of real work.  We are creative and we have ideas, but how many of these ideas are realized in the real world?  It addresses the problem of needing some process to be accountable to.  And so far it’s been great for me and I can say it has absolutely improved my productivity.

Today we met at the New Deal Cafe.  I had some tea and took notes.  I realized just how much I had accomplished since our meeting two weeks ago.  And it felt great to give ourselves praise for the things we’d done and re-focus on the things we might be losing a sight of.

One thing that has been an important theme, and I think many women can relate to this, is that we need to be sure that we are being nice to ourselves.  Be kind to yourself.  Don’t speak to yourself in an unkind way.  Recognize the good and wonderful things about yourself more than you focus on the things you feel you have failed at.  Don’t meditate on the negative.  Learn a lesson and move on.

We have a standing meeting day for these sessions now, which was another step forward.  At some point it might be fun to expand the group a bit.  I wonder if there is anybody out there who would enjoy a group like this?