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Lefty Lucy, Righty Tighty


As I fell asleep last night after finding out that the Republicans now control the Senate.  I didn’t have any nightmares.

To be honest, I was pretty dismayed at first.  Even felt a little choked up, recalling the SNAP cuts last year (Republicans) the closing down of women’s health clinics in Texas (Republicans) and the government shutdown (Republicans) that created some serious consequences for many Americans just trying to get by.  Not to mention cuts to the CDC and health research (Republicans) which during this whole Ebola thing has come back to bite us in the butt.

In any case, I let the flash of disappointment wash over me and I just decided to let it go.  Sometimes a shake-up can be a good thing.

Obviously the Marylanders are tired of all the taxes.  I’m open to thoughts on cutting taxes that keeps children’s and arts programs running.  That treats our disabled and elderly and veterans with dignity and respect.  That keeps our air and water clean.  If there is another way to fund those things or cut the costs of them, I am open to that discussion.  And if Hogan can do that, I’m glad for that.

I also think that a lot of Marylanders would like to find it affordable to retire here and at the moment, it’s not for a number of people.  These are valid questions.  And who am I to say that a Republican governor can’t deliver some kind of benefit to Maryland?

I am not going to be reactionary.  I’m not going to predict a lot of horrible things.


I’m going to wait and see if these new elected officials really DO care about The People more than they care about money and big business.  Truthfully, I’ve not seen much evidence of that so far.  But there are Dems that aren’t above being bought as well.  And I also realize I can’t know the motivations behind each and every one of them.  They can’t all be horrible, hateful, hypocritical examples of humans like Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann.  I don’t even like of thinking of other humans in terms of “they” and “me” or “us.”  We’re all human beings.  We all have the same basic needs and desire for happiness.  We have a lot of common ground to work with.

Above all, I mostly just want us all to have an equal shake at our right to the pursuit of happiness, no matter what political party a person aligns themselves with.  Surely that’s not so crazy and is something we can find a few ways to come together on.  This isn’t North Korea.  We have a lot of good things going for us.

Today I saw a news story about police in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida arresting people for feeding homeless people.  It’s true that I think of conservatives as doing this kind of thing.  I don’t know who decided this was a good law or why.  But I did automatically assume it was a Republican effort.  Perhaps that’s wrong of me.  And I don’t want to think ill of people I don’t even know.  But there is a reason that I automatically assume that – and it’s because of history.  The disabled, hungry or poor people in my experience are usually maligned by Republicans.  Is it fair that I think of it that way?  Maybe not.  And that’s why I’m examining why I think of things this way.  I should look at the Ft. Lauderdale thing as simply a Ft. Lauderdale thing and not a larger reflection on all of these newly elected folks who are now in charge of things.  I want  to think they represent me and people I love.  I want to think they care about the best interests of my family.  But at this point I feel like all of the government is being bought and paid for by the extremely wealthy and our dwindling middle class has really taken a hit.  Will these new leaders change that?  I hope so.

SO, I said all that to say this:  I’m just going to do what I have always done – try to be the best me I can be.  I can’t be president or senator.  I can’t fix all the things I want to.  But there are lots of things I can do, for my life and to help with the lives of others.

Let’s try and find the common ground, shall we?

Vote Sister Bitchez!

Ok – so I voted.  I am doing this “Thankful November” thing on Facebook and today’s thankful note was that I have the right to vote and I did vote.  That is something to really be thankful for in a world where women’s voices can be undervalued.  I love all of you, my voting sisters.  And if you didn’t vote, I still love you, but want to encourage you to GET YOUR BUTT OUT THERE in the next election and do your thing!  It’s your hard won right!

The voting place wasn’t even crowded.

I do this thing every time I vote where I put the voting sticker on my face and take a selfie.  Well, I’ve been doing it since cellphone selfies have been a thing, anyway.  I can’t find one of them, but here are the ones I have so far.  I know you’re just DYING to see them!






Minolta DSC

Holy cow – that was before I started dying my hair – check out how white my hair is NOW compared to this 2006 image!