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C You

I’m still putting this little apartment together.  I get distracted sometimes with projects that seem less pressing than say, organizing the kitchen.  But I like to put my own personal signature style on things.

We didn’t have a letter on our door when we moved in.  The door was painted and it hadn’t made it back on because the place was only vacant for like twenty minutes.  Will used a piece of blue masking tape to make a temporary letter for our door.  But I kept thinking of Dharma and Greg and how they had a fun piece of art hanging on their door in that show.  So I decided I wanted to do the same.

Year before last I helped a friend paint her mailbox for her house.  I really liked the way it came out, so I decided to do a similar theme for my front door letter.  Will had actually purchased a letter “c” in standard font in standard black, but it fell into my daughter’s belongings and made its way to another state.  So, I went ahead for something a little less standard.


Materials (all from the local craft store):

Acrylic craft paint
Round and flat paint brushes
masonite precut plaque
precut letter C
Spray varnish (for when it’s all done and you want to have a slightly glossy seal)

I hung it with Command velcro style strips.  VOILA!

Here is the mailbox Christiana and I painted for her new house.  I’d love to do more crafts with her if we lived closer together.  She’s got a wonderful natural eye for composition and design.