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Kinetic Sculpture Race

Now that I’m so close to Baltimore I need to try harder to get out to the KSR.  Though, there are two other events I would be going to this weekend if I was able.  So many great things to do in Maryland folks!  ❤


Roosevelt Center Events

If you want to know what’s happening in Greenbelt you have to visit

Here is a great post on up-coming events at Roosevelt Center – but there is so much more on that website.  Here is the fine group of people that bring that site to you:


Repair Cafe – Fix It Felix Jr. Would Love This!

I’ve noticed that Club125 in Roosevelt Center has been doing something really cool called “Repair Cafe.”  This is a description of what it is:

“The Cafè is a free community service offered by a volunteer staff to help people repair their damaged or broken goods. The classroom and workshop areas of Club125, located next to the Old Greenbelt Theatre, will be converted into five repair stations. Each station will focus on different types of objects: clothing and fabric items, computers, small appliances, jewelry, and furniture.

Some types of repair work will be made easy simply by having the right tools for the job such as a sewing machine for a ripped shirt sleeve, glue and clamps for a loose chair leg, or silver solder for a damaged earring. Other repair work may need an experienced professional, to rewire electrical connections or to diagnose a tough computer glitch. Some items may need matching materials or spare parts to complete the repair, which the owner may already have. Otherwise, owners will be assisted in ordering the needed parts from local businesses, and repairs can be made at a later date.

Of course, not everything can be repaired. For any such appliances and electronic devices, Club125 will accept the broken items for a week of “take it apart” activities. This is where kids and other curious people rip stuff apart to see what is inside, to examine what makes the device work. At the end of the week, staff will take the pile of e-rubbish to the Public Works facility on electronics recycling day.

Repair Cafè is made possible in part by Club125’s receipt of Greenbelt Consumer Co-op’s Jim Cassels Award and an eager supporting army of volunteers.”


To read the whole thing on their website go here

You should also like their Facebook page to keep up with all the activities going on there.

What a wonderful way to help out the community!