All I Want is a Slushie

I read this story this morning and I just loved it.


It reminded me that not all people take advantage of the vulnerable when nobody else is looking.  It reminded me that I could smile at a story where somebody could have gotten hurt.  It reminded me that I used to be just like this little girl when I was two and three years old – having middle of the night adventures that are now family legend.

This story reminded, also, how many things go right in a day.  People fall and others help them.  People are protected from bullies and people stop to tie an old person’s shoes.  People donate money and give kindness and protect others everywhere, all the time.

We have all of these statistics about how many people are raped every minute and how many people are robbed and murdered.  And it is very important to collect that kind of data.  But you know what would be nice?  To know how many people every minute don’t hurt a vulnerable person.  How many people are loyal to their partners and generous to their family members and helpful to their neighbors.  Because sometimes I want off of this planet when I think of all of the bad things.  But this short, precious little story reminded me that even in a big city like Philadelphia a bus driver can be a protector of a four year old.  That this middle of the night journey for a slushie only ended in being reunited with her family and sharing the story with people like me, who adore it.

They don’t say whether or not she got her slushie, but I’m going to imagine she did.

2 thoughts on “All I Want is a Slushie

  1. Donnie

    I enjoyed that story! Thanks for pointing out that there are a hell of a lot more good things going on than bad! 🙂

    1. H.L. Brooks Post author

      It really is hard to remember there is so much good out there, Donnie. It was so sweet to have this reminder that things go right more than they go wrong.

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