Double Your Pleasure


There was a double rainbow tonight.  If you had to endure the stormy weather I hope that you at least got to enjoy one of these little miracles.

Photos by Will Hardy.





3 thoughts on “Double Your Pleasure

  1. Rebecca

    Oh, you got to see the second rainbow much better than I did! I just saw a hint of the second one. Will took much better pictures than I did too.

    1. HeatherHeartArt Post author

      I could see just a little snippet of it out of the kitchen window – too many trees. But when he got home he showed me the photos he took. He said it was so big he just couldn’t get the whole thing in the shot! That has to be lucky, doesn’t it?

  2. Rebecca

    I saw just a little bit out of our window through the trees as well, but I made my family get dressed and stand out in the rain at the bottom of our driveway to see it properly. I looked over at a car parked on the street in a spot that is normally empty, and the driver sitting in the car gave me a thumbs up. He had pulled over for a few minutes to admire the rainbow. I don’t know about it being lucky, but it sure brightened my otherwise “stormy” day.

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