Talent Tuesday – Susan’s Yard

I went to an open garden that a new friend was having Sunday.  I got to sit on her sunny porch and eat an amazingly strong mint leaf – YUM!  Come to think of it, I should have asked if I could take a few leaves home with me.  I could make a limeade with mint!

So this afternoon I am editing the photos of her yard to post here and I was thinking of how much experience and talent it takes to organize a nice garden.  Then I realized that tomorrow is Tuesday.  I haven’t posted a Talent Tuesday in weeks and this seems like it’s just right.

So here you go, some photos from Susan’s yard.  Only a small sampling of the many lovely things in her yard that she’s got planted and on display.  I had a portrait lens so, you are getting mostly close up stuff.  Next time I will bring other lenses.




















4 thoughts on “Talent Tuesday – Susan’s Yard

  1. Susan Harris

    Wow I love it! I’m so glad you came and we got a chance to chat. And honestly, I saw you taking photos but thought blah, the light’s terrible, there won’t be anything to see. But a close-up lens? I don’t have one, so I never ever see these images. Lovely. I’m posting photos of the garden on gardenrant.com on Friday; can I use one? I’ll also link to this post for more.

    1. HeatherHeartArt Post author

      Of course you can use them. The light in the back yard was nice and diffused. No harsh over exposure problems like I had in the front yard where the sun was not filtered much.

  2. Alan @ it's not work, it's gardening!

    I love seeing the same garden through different people’s cameras! Glad you had the “wrong” lens as it gave us a chance to see details that we would have missed with longer, wider, more “descriptive” shots. 🙂

    1. HeatherHeartArt Post author

      I brought the portrait lens on purpose, but I should have brought my whole bag and other lenses. Thanks – I’m glad you like the photos!

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