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The Bloom


We had the prettiest roses on one lonely little bush outside of our apartment building.  I took some photos with my iPhone then Instagramed them.  Then ran some more filters in Photoshop and they came out so ethereal.  I love how easy it is to take photos these days.

I took the photo and added one of my favorite Anais Nin quotes.

The Way Things Are


Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the way things are.  Mostly because we want them to be a certain way or because we feel rejected or out of touch.  But it doesn’t do any good to spin on that.

What matters is to be kind and try to accept the way things are.

I think some of the most traumatic things that have happened to me have happened because a change I wasn’t ready for or didn’t think I wanted was suddenly right there on top of me.  And it can be hurtful.  And make you feel like you don’t matter.

If you can just look at the way things are and accept them, though, you can come to a place of peace.  A stillness in your soul.  Not a stagnation that breeds foulness, but a glassy place to reflect and see into yourself.

I’ve had many times in my life that I would have liked closure.  I have limped along without it.  It leaves a bump.  A pebble, in a soft place that you walk.  It doesn’t keep me from walking, but the reminder is there.  And you learn to live with the pebble.  Maybe even make friends with it.

If not for our hurts and scars we wouldn’t have the chance to grow much.  And if we never had to figure out how to do something differently, then we might never get good at adapting.

You can’t hold on to things forever – good or bad.  Let them pass through, like good and bad guests you enjoy or endure.  When they are gone, don’t wallow in the bad and feel free to bask in the glow of the good for as long as you can.

Where to Live in Greenbelt


PLEASE NOTE – this is an older post and some of the information is out of date.
-April 29, 2018


Below is a list of apartments and what we sort of know about them, in Old Greenbelt.  Info on pets and prices could be off a little – it’s always best to call and check.  Also, if something opens try to come out that day and see it and be ready to put the deposit down.

Just FYI – the most coveted apartments (for non-pet owners) are the ones that are part of the GHI Cooperative because it gives you a foot in the door to the cooperative.  Which is helpful if you plan on buying in OG some day.  My friend James reminded me of this recently at the super awesome Greenbelt Farmer’s Market – which you should TOTALLY come to some Sunday.   There are farm fresh eggs, veggies, fruit and berries.  Not to mention delicious crepes, homemade ice cream and more.  I also highly recommend you stop by the New Deal Cafe.

Greenbelt is about the most chill town you could ever want to live in full of liberal folks who are sweet to each other and pretty good neighbors, for the most part.  As far as I can tell the only thing they have that resembles a hierarchy is buying a house that is part of the GHI coopertive – which puts you in the elite club. Those houses tend to be more on the affordable side, but require a large down payment, which makes them unreachable for some people. There are also houses not in the cooperative that surround the town, and they are more standard pricing to the DC region.

Anyway, if you’re like Will and I and you love Old Greenbelt but you cannot or are not ready to buy a home you can try these options:

Parkway Gardens Apartments: 301-345-3535

These are the apartments we live in. The manager’s name is Paul Leeks

Pet policy – one small pet ok.

$845 for a one bedroom
They have a few one bedroom with open or enclosed porches but they’re rarely available.

Crescent Square Apartments: 301-982-4636

Manager’s name is Charles Jackson

They have standard one-bedroom units and some with open or enclosed porches. I don’t remember the pet policy but I think they have one.

One Bedroom:                        $875

One Bedroom with Balcony: $895

One Bedroom with Den:        $925

Parkway Apartments (managed by Greenbelt Homes Inc. cooperative): 301-474-4161

No Pets – Sometimes a waiting list

Efficiencies                              $729.00

1 Bedrooms                             $874.00

1 Bedrm / open porch $902.00

1 Bedrm / enclosed porch        $954.00

Earnest Deposit $50.00

Credit Report $25.00

Criminal Report $10.00

Strathcona Apartments: 301-474-3155

Manager is Dan

No pets

Prices comparable to the ones above.

Jane Realty: 301-474-4648

Family owned. Efficiencies only. Prices comparable.  I think no pets, but not sure.

Lawrence Apartments: 301-864-3200

This is where we lived in 2012. They’ve been bought out by Oculus Realty and now their rents for a one-bedroom start at $1050, plus they charge for storage space in the basement. Pets allowed with pet deposits and pet rent.  We were very unhappy when we left and again a year later when we found out they hiked their prices again.

Best of luck!