A Government Not Just By and For the Wealthy People

My friend Steve Johns posted this on FB today and with his permission I am sharing it with you because I think it’s really fucking important.

And this is a Fox News link —– is this real life?


If you care about constitutional government or democracy in the USA, this is likely the most important thing that you will read about all year. I recommend you disregard all prattle about how it “could never pass” or be subsequently ratified and instead simply think clearly for yourself about what what a human being is, what human rights are, what “speech” is, what you think the political process is meant to accomplish, and whether you support the core idea of this amendment or not.

This struggle could be a long one (e.g. 1776-1865, or 1776-1920), or it might actually be accomplished sometime in the next few years. It depends entirely on what the people (you and I) insist on or are willing to let slide.

Not everybody has millions or billions to spend on buying elections, but everybody does have a mouth and tongue (think “organs of speech” here), and almost everybody could afford the tiny amount per-capita that would be necessary to publicly fund robustly communicative (and hopefully shorter!) election campaigns where the candidates did not owe their designation and success entirely to self-interested big money. Of course the winners of such campaigns could then spend their time actually learning and thinking about the complex issues that face our country and the world, instead of spending the lion’s share of their time hob-nobbing and dialing for dollars to keep themselves in the game for the next election.

IMO this issue transcends dualities such as Republican/Democrat, Conservative/Liberal, etc. (and these are just unhelpful labels anyway). This is the fate of the Republic, folks. The choice is Plutocracy vs. Democracy. The SCOTUS has sided with Plutocracy. Without an amendment, that’s the way it’s going to be.

Do we refresh the tree of liberty with a Constitutional Amendment, or do we let all hope of such peaceful refreshment die in our generation? This is the question that is upon us (like it or not).