Settling In

It’s been a pleasure to be caught up enough on unpacking to consider myself out of the critical zone.  I know where my important papers are.  My clothes are put away. Essential furniture is all installed.  My computer is all set up.  I have dishes to eat on.  You know, all the really major stuff.  Everything else is going to be icing on the cake.  Which means that today I got to catch up on blogging.  Read and work.  Just work all day if I want to, until I pass out.

I baked a successful cinnamon raisin bread.  I’ve been using only Bob’s Red Mill for my flour because they are a very responsible company that treats their employees well and the ingredients are quality stuff.  I even got some vital wheat gluten from them to try and make some seitan.


I hung up my fairy suncatcher that Jackie G. gave me.  It’s right next to my seat where I work all day.  It helps me think of sunlight in magical ways.


This is the view of part of my “office” from my seat.  It’s actually most of my office since my office/studio consists of a corner of the living room.



It’s a little chilly in here, but I like having the windows open on a day like this, so I compensated by wearing fluffy booties.


I’ve been drinking my decaf Constant Comment tea, which goes very well with fluffy socks on a chilly morning.  Actually, I bought it yesterday (and some Natural Directions peppermint) for making iced tea now that we’re on the cusp of hot weather.  Constant Comment tastes AMAZING iced and peppermint is very refreshing.