Talent Tuesdays

Once I get in a good rhythm around here I’m hoping to have Talent Tuesdays, featuring the talents of local folks.  If you are an artist in Greenbelt, send me a poem, a photo of your artwork or a video of your band and a link to your website.  Talents can be anything from being an amazing gardener to being the best hair colorist in town.  What special super power do you have?

Email me:  Greenbeltgoddess (at) gmail (dot) com

Today we have another poem from John Cooper (who incidentally suggested Talent Tuesdays).  You may remember that I recently went to a reading at Zu Coffee to hear some of John’s poems.

Tonight is Open Mic Poetry night (starts at 7pm) at New Deal Cafe.  If Will makes it home in time, we will be there and Will will be reading some of his own work.  I wonder if I could have fit a few more “Will or wills” into that if I really tried?

Today’s poem titled Vampire is dark and sensual.   The writer stretches his imagination a bit by imagining himself as the opposite gender for this piece.