For Lovers

I wrote this on a blog back in February 2007.

It’s all romantic and mushy, so if you aren’t into that kind of thing then skip it.  Also, it’s old and not my best writing, but it’s special to me.  So I’m sharing it with all the lovers out there who hold hands and walk the winding paths of Greenbelt.

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In Greenbelt

I want to walk with you
on a balmy night like this
once again in Greenbelt
after we’ve made love

together, on the narrow paths
that wind between the apartments
and sometimes I walk ahead a little
then turn around to look at your face
partially illuminated by happy stars
and a sad moon

I kiss you softly
and your warm mouth melts into mine
with love and intent of things to come
you smile at your good fortune and embrace me
then whisper into my ear all of the things you want
the distant and more immediate desires on your mind
and my pulse quickens to hear these things
and I will dream of them later

Onward we walk
trees watching like ancient and wise sentries
and cautious birds flit away upon our approach
the scent of leaves and ferns and honeysuckle follow us

Minutes passing, did you know I could feel them
so  dreamy and slow
like floating
like falling

and it’s nights like this one
so mild and clear
that remind me of Greenbelt
and the love that grew there
in rich soil along the little paths
that wind through the town

hand in hand we walk
observing the statues
speaking of architecture
peppering the conversation with dreams about the future
and you point out the park where your children used to play
and we smile and laugh at the good memories

nothing was off limits
no secrets were between us
our hearts just naked
open and waking
and so unafraid in those moments
the energy flowed freely
our love grew exponentially
each good thing built upon the next

I confess my guilty feelings
As I had a dozen times before
We talk about my family
And you smile at all of our joys
Never jealous
Never wanting anything but my happiness

Past the old theater

And the little café
We walk along the sidewalk
On our way back from where we came
To your apartment
Nestled in the trees
The trees watched our love grow
In Greenbelt

2 thoughts on “For Lovers

  1. wchardy

    So sweet. And I don’t think you should have to apologize for the poem – it has some really nice moments and unexpected images

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